40 hours with No Food...

40 hours with No Food...

Wow! I really can't believe I did it. This was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. 40 hours without any food: Let me break it down.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been having some bloating issues. I did not know what was causing it. I thought I knew my body pretty well but then again as we age, I firmly believe that the types of foods we consume need to change from time to time. For instance, if I am eating spinach every day, maybe my body will stop absorbing the full amount of nutrients from it. I should switch my greens daily and weekly. So I would switch to kale or Swiss chard. I also believe that we need to eat foods that are in season as well.

I wanted to reset my digestive system, improve my relationship with food and my body. I have been fasting for 24 hours regularly adopting the OMAD meal plan. (One Meal Per Day) and I have enjoyed it. More on that meal plan another day.

I started my fast at 7pm Sunday night and I will be ending it today on Tuesday at 12pm. I drank a lot of water with sea salt, tea and apple cider vinegar. I used the following Garden of Life supplements: Multivitamin, Probiotic and Plant Collegen. I also used Bcaa's to preserve muscle tissue.

Things I learned:

1. I eat too much at one sitting.

2. My sugar cravings disappeared.

3. I was drinking way too much coffee.

4. I think much better with an empty stomach.

5. My gut health has improved.

6. Most people will think you are crazy for fasting.

7. I was way more productive during the day.

8. I was able to exercise moderately with no issues.

9. My energy level was the same if not a bit higher.

10. My memory improved dramatically.

11. Music sounded better and was way more enjoyable.

I will implement more of the types of fasts since I was really happy with the results. I really do believe that fasting is the cure to many ailments and it is the perfect way to improve your mind-body connection while healing your gut.

I take meals seriously as I know I only need certain foods to survive and thrive.

Thank you for reading!

WARNING: Consult a doctor before attempting any type of fasting.





A new beginning

It has almost been one year in Shanghai. I have changed so much as a man, as a human and as a fitness coach. Last year I took a leap of faith and moved overseas to pursue a dream. Now my role has evolved quite a bit at the new science-based concept gym known as Method Fitness. I will blog weekly and share my story here as I continue to help humans live a long and happy life. This is just the beginning my friends!

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