New Podcast: The Worst Pre-Workout Meal Ever & What You Should Eat Before a WOD

New Podcast: The Worst Pre-Workout Meal Ever & What You Should Eat Before a WOD

Hey Friends!

Today I share a funny story of a mthd Fitness athlete that came to my strength class and decided to eat a famous Chinese snack right before class. 

SPOILER ALERT:  It did not end well.

I also talk about what are the good things to eat prior to a workout.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Top 5 People to Avoid for a Healthy Life


Top 5 People to Avoid for a Healthy Life

The Top 5 People to Avoid for a Healthy Life.

The Sh*t Talker

-This person always has something negative to say. They constantly shed light on anything negative about a person or situation. They talk sh*t about everyone and everything. This person has issues in their head that need to be fixed. They are clearly not happy with themsel

The Complainer

-This person complains constantly about everything. No matter what, this person finds a way to weasel their way through life by focusing on the problem and not the solution. Complainers will continue to look at everything that’s wrong rather than nutting the f**k up and trying to make something better.

The Drama Vampire

-This blood sucking individual sucks the joy out of your happiness by stirring up shit at every corner. These people are always the ones who want to know all the juicy details of shit that is not their business. They enjoy seeing others suffer and and constantly looking to find something to fight about. They feed off drama and often create it out of nothing.

The Bullsh*tter

-This person always promises shit but never delivers. They lack self discipline and can’t follow through on things such as commitment, organization and self-dependence. They talk a lot of game but can never deliver the final product. This person also uses terms as: ‘should of,’ ‘would of’ and ‘could of.’ They often dwell on the past without making moves for the future. 

The Cocky Dickhead

-This person is always showboating to everyone about how much money they have, how better they are than everyone or how good they are at everything in their life. This person always talks about themself and no one else. They are bloody awful at being a good listener and will often 1 UP you at every turn. If you say you completed 60 squats in 1 min, this person will say that they completed 61 squats  right in your face instead of supporting your efforts.

Remember to remove anyone that does not add value to your life. They will consumer your soul and make you hate life. Kick them out ASAP!

The further you are from shitty people, the better your life becomes.

Stay Happy Dudes!


New Podcast: My Trip to Bali, Indonesia


New Podcast: My Trip to Bali, Indonesia

Hey Friends!
Today I take you through my trip to Bali, Indonesia. I had a great time and met some super cool people. I will definitely be going back very soon!
Podcast Highlights:
1. Departing Shanghai
2. Arriving in Bali
3. AirBnb
4. Healthy Food
5.  Beach Time
6. CrossFit WODs
7. Bali Belly Sickness
8. Hidden Canyons
9. Handstand Lessons
10. Massage
11. Yoga
12. Final Meal in Bali
13. Crazy Hippie on the Airplane

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Our Biggest Class at Gym #2

Hey dudes, how’s it going out there? Things in Shanghai are super awesome. The gym is growing, the athletes here are evolving and we are continuing to make MTHD Fitness something truly unique by designing fitness programs that no one has ever seen before.

When we first opened our second gm location in October 2018, there was a lot of worry. Not because of how successful it would be, but how intense the workouts will be to the certain type of athletes at that location.

The 2nd MTHD gym is located in a building in People Square with many office workers. A few of them have an athletic background while most have never been exposed to intense functional training. Our main Chinese team was afraid that the workouts would be too hard and that it would scare off any potential members.

I knew in my gut that it would take time for these new members to adapt and evolve to the MTHD training. We use sport science to provide heavy hitting WODs at every turn. The same intense workouts we put our professional athletes through (Shanghai Sharks and the Shanghai Kings Pro Basketball teams) are the same workouts our members are exposed to.

Once the doors opened to our 2nd gym last year, we were nervous and excited at the same time. But I knew, in time, our workout programs would be embraced and the athletes would adapt.

(2018) October-December: Athletes began to trickle in the doors of our gym. We have 24 spots available but only 3-6 athletes would book a class. This was normal for two reasons: our marketing was not very strong at the time and it was the low season. We only had the lower intensity classes included because we worried that the newcomers would never come back if it was too hard.

(2019) January-February: Foot traffic increased but it was not where we wanted it to be. The biggest classes we had maybe reached 10 athletes or so. I knew that we needed to unload the heavy hitting workouts. The ones that kill your CNS. The ones that push your body farther than ever before. The ones that people are afraid of. If our athletes came in and the workouts were easy every time, they would never know what their bodies and mind are truly capable of. It was time to turn up the heat.

(2019) March: By far the most successful month we have had at gym #2. We began to roll out the harder programs and the athletes were hungry for them. Run Lift Burn, MetCon and a few others were live and it was such an incredible moment to see the athletes kick some ass. The response from our members was overwhelmingly awesome. Sure the workouts were hard as F, but they enjoyed the challenge and felt damn good afterwards. I was lucky enough to attend our strength class last week with Coach Matt, one of our newest coaches who is progressing very well. To my surprise, it happened to be the BIGGEST class in history for our 2nd gym and I almost cried.

It was a magical moment to say the least and these athletes completed one of the toughest programs we titled Strength-Power-Speed aka SPS. It was awesome, intense and totally rewarding as a coach.

By now after being opened for about 1.5 years, I can say that MTHD is far past the ‘honeymoon’ stage. No longer do we have to hold back anything. It’s time to unleash high level programs.

There are new workouts in development and I can’t wait to see what our athletes do when faced with more intensity. These athletes are getting stronger, faster, leaner and reaching new personal fitness goals every day.

I love what I do here and I am thankful to be a part of their lives.

Much Love. Much Respect.

-Coach Juddy




Sunday Funday: 2 Workouts + 1 Berserk Coffee Lady

Yesterday was Sunday. A day most people are recovering from a hangover or just want to chill out. For me, Sunday’s are a day to have fun, release some energy and prepare for the week ahead. I typically start every morning with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon. After that I make a cup of coffee at home, but I was meeting a friend for coffee. Little did I know my morning coffee would be disrupted by a berserk coffee lady…

7am: I woke up a little later than usually due to it being the weekend. I typically wake up around 530am. I chugged my glass of water, got my things ready for the day and went for a short to walk to meet a friend of mine for coffee.

8:30am: I arrived early at the coffee shop. Whenever I am meeting up with friends for coffee, food or a hangout, I make sure I am always early. It reduces stress and anxiety while respecting the time of those you are meeting up with. This coffee shop is one of my favorites in Shanghai called Pain Chaud. It’s a French baguette style coffee shop and the owner, Arthur is a good friend and a MTHD athlete. Arthur works his ass of running three locations. It’s a small place, which I like and the staff is very friendly.

9am: My friend arrived and we sat down and began talking fitness, health and other things. I will say I do have a very intense and projecting voice. It can be a powerful weapon in the gym but sometimes too much for public places. I always to try to respect others in public place and not raise my voice too loud, but when you are passionate about something like fitness, it’s tough not to get over excited.

9:30am: A woman who was about 60 years old sat down at a table close to my friend and I. For whatever reason she was eyeballing me from the very beginning. Maybe she was curious about my beard and wanted to grow one of her own? Maybe she wanted to talk fitness too? Or maybe she was agitated because I wasn’t speaking at an optimal volume level for her?

9:45am: All of sudden, the women turned to face me and yelled: “ YOU’RE SHOUTING!!! YOU’RE SHOUTING!” My friend and I were stunned and I had to try so hard not to laugh. A woman shouting at me to stop shouting? Oh the irony. And then I thought to myself, “Wow, she has a louder voice than me! She could be a fitness coach if she wanted to, but her positivity sucks balls.” There was something wrong in her head and I felt sorry for her. Maybe she had a bad morning or work is stressful. To get agitated so easily most likely means she’s fragile in her mind. Whoever she is, she’s in China and has a long way to go to toughen up in this environment. I was actually able to get a picture of her…


12pm: I headed over to Lizzy’s All Natural to grab a Green Tea. One of my go-to mid day drinks to limit my caffeine consumption. I sat down and began to work on my laptop. On the drawing board for me was a brand new workout for MTHD. It is called MetCon and it will be no doubt the toughest program I have built to date. It has 45 seconds intervals with short rest times and a good amount of HIIT+Strength movements. I became afraid of it when I built it. Later that day it would be tested by a new group I formed in Shanghai called the Coach Underground comprising of coaches from all different types of gyms. I wanted to build a strong community of coaches because I believe there is no reason to have friction between gyms. We all work hard and I created the group to provide free WODs for us every Sunday afternoon.

2pm: I headed over to our 2nd gym in People Square. I was attending our bodyweight WOD called Athlete Ready. It is an active recovery workout that is not too taxing on the body but perfect for a day to work on bodyweight strength and proper form. Coach Matt was leading the way who is a new coach to MTHD. He’s a young Chinese dude, who speaks English well and also, like all MTHD coaches, knows his shit. He signed on full time last week and he has been kicking ass. I was the only foreigner in the class but the Chinese athletes made me feel like family. I only know a few Chinese phrases but the WOD was fun and it was a good way to warm me up for the MetCon test WOD coming up at 430pm. I moved slow, kept my heart rate down to make sure I had the energy and power for the next workout.

Athlete Ready Squad!

Athlete Ready Squad!


4:30pm: The first Coach Underground WOD was about to lift off. There were only six of us, but it was a good way to start building a friendship with the coaches from the other gyms. Everyone introduced themselves to each other and it was very cool to see everyone bonding. I like to inject humor during all of my workout introductions. My goal was to make everyone laugh at each station. That is how you break the ice, ease the tension and prep the mind. MetCon looked brutal, but we were ready to fight together!

5pm: About midway through MetCon, I was getting smoked out but seeing the other coaches fighting hard, made me push harder. I forgot to mention that I was currently on a 20 hour fast, at the time. Nothing but coffee and tea in my stomach. Me athletic performance was better than usual and I am learning that fasted workouts for me are by far the best. It was super cool pushing each other, fist bumping during stations changes and knowing that we all have the same goal… work our asses off and be good coaches. P.S. Coach Hans had to bail to take care of his furry friend so he missed the Post WOD Photo. He owes me some burpees.

Coaches left to right: Mike, Jay, Jennie, Ingrid, some weird dude on the right.

Coaches left to right: Mike, Jay, Jennie, Ingrid, some weird dude on the right.

6:30pm: The coach squad headed over to Tribe Organic. Their new Spring menu was out and we grubbed hard on two of their new dishes. Lentil Salad with Brussel sprouts and a Cauliflower+Almond flour hybrid pizza with smoked salmon on top. Both dishes were epic and brought new flavors to their menu. Well done Tribe Team. I am going to test out the other menu items today! Prepare the chefs!

830pm: Crashed hard into my bed after a nice hot shower. My sleep is improving quite a bit since going to bed earlier and having my last meal 2 hours before bedtime.

Sunday Funday was super fun!

Thanks for reading dudes!


Busy As F***, but Feeling Good


Busy As F***, but Feeling Good

Today was a busy day but most days in Shanghai are. Being involved in a start up company for the second time in my life, I am noticing the same challenges. I firmly believe that my previous start up company job prepared me for these moments that are happening now. I am happy to give birth to a fitness empire known as mthd Fitness. We have a long road ahead of us but so far, its been pretty amazing.

5am: Woke up and made a cup of coffee. It is the one thing I need every day to kick off the morning especially since most mornings I am coaching a class. My new apartment is literally across the street from the gym so it’s pretty damn convenient. No excuse for being late to a workout right?

715am: I joined the mthd Fitness morning WOD (workout for the day). The workout is called Super HIIT and it’s a quite taxing and the 2nd toughest program we have every built. It is 30 seconds of HIIT followed by 45 seconds of strength with 8 Stations and 2 laps. I felt pretty recovered from a good nights sleep as I always try to get 8-9 hours every night. Coach Karolina from Lithuania was leading the way along with 9 other athletes. She has been with mthd for a long time and was the very first part time coach I ever hired. She knows her shit and is not afraid to take the workouts to new levels. This Super HIIT was the new 2.0 version which I have been developing for about a month. For a while, I knew our mthd WODs could be better, more efficient and harder. It was time to test this new version and give it all I got with my fellow athletes.

745am: The 2nd lap of the workout had begun and I was about 70% fatigued at this point. I did not go full throttle on lap 1 knowing that I wanted to conserver my energy to push through lap 2 hard. I cranked up my weights, speed and lifting power and gave it hell. The final station for me was a heavy lift and brutal on the legs. The first movement was a dumbbell side lunge and I was holding 14kg weights. Lap 1 I used my right legs, the stronger leg of the two and lap 2 I used the left which I need to build more strength on. The second movement was a front loaded dumbbell squat. I looked at the 20kg’s and then at the 26kg’s. That was a big jump but go hard or go home. After the WOD was over I fell to the ground and high-fived every athletes as they walked past me. Coach K’s energy was high and she pushed me hard. It was a damn good workout.

10am: I walked back to my apartment, took a shower and then headed to my favorite restaurant Tribe Organic where I would demolish their gluten free sweet potatoes pancakes and a sliced up chicken breast. I am a simple man and like to keep my meals simple and easy to digest. After scarfing down the food, I pulled up my laptop and begin working on mthd projects. I am on my laptop a lot due to the nature of being the chief coach of a start up gym. I lead coach development and program development so I am always trying to find new ways to make mthd Fitness more unique than anyone else. I always ask myself, what are gyms NOT doing. And whatever that may be, that’s my direction.

2pm: I arrived at the mthd Fitness (2nd gym) at Peoples Square. Every Thursday at 2pm I train the Kings Professional Basketball Team. They are a solid group of guys, way taller than me and elite level athletes that have won many championships. Two dudes from the USA, Cedric and Jordan and some super talented Chinese players make up this b-ball powerhouse. I did not light them up too bad this time as this is the off season but next WOD, I will most likely turn it that shit up. We did a lower body power workout with weights. Great group of guys and I enjoyed coaching them.

4pm: After the Kings Basket WOD was over, I went back to Tribe Organic because it was buy one get one free breakfast and I still had another order of sweet potato pancakes to scarf down. I like TO because the staff is super chill and the music is good. They have fast wifi too so it’s my spot to get a lot of work done.


7pm: After working on new programs, new movement and a bunch of other new shit to make mthd Fitness super cool, it was time to head home for the day. I typically crash around 9pm these days and I feel much better with I wake up between 5am-6am. Every single day my brain is intertwined in mthd Fitness because I want to make it amazing. I have awesome coaches next to me that give me the energy to keep going and a ton of athletes who I admire.

Today was busy as F and I will soon take a holiday in April to Bali. Any suggestions while I am there? I’d like to train hard, enjoy the beaches and hike a ton.

See you guys next time and thank you for reading.





Those words echoed through my bones yesterday. My fatigue level was higher than ever before. I wanted to stop. I wanted to quit. But in the end…it was worth it and I’ll explain more later.

You truly do not know who you are as a human until you are pushed farther than ever before. Often times we embrace comfort and we avoid pain. But in order to find your true potential, you must be willing to reach full blown metabolic death.

Saturday March 2nd, 2018 (Shanghai, China)

7:30am: I woke up a little later than usual. The night before I had attended a mthd Fitness class then headed over to Tribe Organic for their 2 Year Anniversary Party. Normally I hit the bed around 9pm but I ended up crashing around 1030pm. This off-schedule slumber threw me out of whack and that morning I was not sharp mentally nor physically.

9:30am: I was coaching the 10:15am mthd Fitness class and I always like to get to the gym early to prep. I like to have everything ready so the moment the athletes walk into the door, I can greet them immediately.

10:15am: The WOD started and it was pretty intense. It is one of our hardest workouts at mthd Fitness called Super HIIT. Most athletes are afraid of it but after they complete they feel damn good about themselves. It was a solid crew of 8 athletes and it was definitely a good start to the Saturday. I did not light them up too much this time, but typically I like to do 3 workouts in one. The warm up WOD, the WOD and the cool down WOD.


12pm: After class ended, I spent some time on my laptop to finalize our new programs for mthd coming out next week. 100’s of hours of programming and scribbling in my notepad went into these next level programs. During the workout builds on my computer, I got very creative. Everything we program must make sense scientifically, It it what we pride ourselves on. There is so much detail in these programs that I can’t even begin to outline here but I assure you, no one in the fitness world has seen anything like it.

2pm: I coached my 2nd class of the day which was Body Control. It is a pilates based program that is super chill. It is important for the coach to play super chill music as well to set the vibe right. If the music does not match the work out, everything is way off.


3:30pm: Coach Jennie’s class was up next. She is from India and is one strong female. Her voice is always so powerful and I am damn glad she joined our coach team about a year ago. She does not like to waste time, so when the workout started, we hit the ground running. The warm up was a mixture of cardio runs on the Ski Erg followed by bodyweight HIIT movements. There was only 3 of us attending so we could not slack one bit. Once the workout began, I felt a bit of fatigue in my body. This was not normal as I train about 5x per week and consider my conditioning level to be above average. During the first few stations of circuit training, I was moving at a moderate pace while lifting heavy weights. Jennie was watching us like a hawk, making sure the form was on point. After the first lap was complete, my fatigue level was super high. This is our Strength+Cardio hybrid class and I find that often I can lift heavy, reduce rest time and hit top speeds on the machines. I had to take every rest period, I was lifting heavy but my cardio speeds sucked. On the second to last station I was crumbling fast and lying on the ground. Then I heard those words: “JUDDY…GET…UP!” Jennie was right next to me when she said this and when the coach tells you that, you do it without question. I have mad respect for all of our coaches and those words echoed through my body, gave me another jolt of energy and I finished strong. I could not have completed the workout without the energy from my fellow athletes and coach Jennie.


5pm: I headed over to Tribe Organic to grub hard after the intense workout. I always love going to that place because they are one of the only restaurants in Shanghai that prides themselves on clean organic food. The service there is also excellent! I had the organic grain bowl with salmon and it tasted damn good. One of my go-to post workout meals.

6:30pm: After dinner my body was in bad shape in terms of muscle soreness, so I decided to get a massage. This masseuse was pretty strong and there were a few times I almost had to tell her to stop but I accepted the pain because I know my body needed it.

8pm: I arrived home and hopped in the shower and shortly thereafter I crashed hard into bed. I slept for 9 hours and my body needed it.

Today on Sunday, I will take some good rest, stay low key, eat light meals and prepare for tomorrow as I coach the 6am class.

I feel sore today but it was so worth it. My body needed an ass-kicking. And next time I think about stopping during a mthd Fitness WOD, I will say those words and drill them into my head.




New YouTube Video!

Welcome to a day in my life in Shanghai! I've been here for 1 year and it is only the beginning. I will take through a typical day for me. I had so much fun that day!

More videos coming soon!

Thanks for watching!

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A day I will never forget...

As I am writing this, never would I have imagined that I would be celebrating my birthday in Shanghai, China.

I have so many beautiful people in my life and the day could not have been more amazing. Smiling faces, happy humans, big hearts and many dedicated athletes joined me in a day that I will never forget.

Event: Outdoor WOD+Picnic+Storytelling+Red Cactus After Party

Let's break it down:

9am: The day started off with a sip of coffee at my favorite Shanghai restaurant Tribe Organic. I know everyone there by name and they are all close friends of mine.

12:15pm: I hopped in Coach Amelia's Cardio Complex class at MTHD with a few of our awesome athletes.

2:15pm: Coached the last MTHD class of the day with more awesome humans:

3:30pm: As a surprise, Coach Stella, Mike, Hans and Amelia came in with a 'Juddy friendly' cake! Klaus and a few others were there to help me devour the amazing gluten free masterpiece. I began to cry happy tears as they sang the birthday song.

4pm: Sabrina from Fields donated some apples and bananas for the outdoor workout so Hans and I hauled ass over to my apartment to pick the boxes up and get a DiDi back to the gym.

4:30pm: Hans and I arrived at the gym and headed over to Mr. Bichon to grub hard with Mike and Stella. We killed 3 rice bowls that were really tasty.

5pm: Stella rented a Van for all of us to head to the West Bund for the outdoor workout. She got a great deal for only 20rmb. The Van looked like it was about to breakdown, had no AC and a random kid inside of it! It was AWESOME!

5:30pm: We arrived at the West Bund and were greeted by many people who were ready to celebrate us.

5:45pm: A big group of happy humans began to appear with gift in their hands. It was such a kind gesture and I was trying to make noted in my phone as to who gave me which gift to make sure I thank each and every one of them personally.

6pm: We began to set up shop in a grassy area! The MTHD coaches helped me set up the speaker, workout area and help organize all the wonderful donations for the workout. Uriel, CEO of Farmhouse Juice provided 50 bottles of juice, Vanilla & Ting, provided cold brew coffee, Sabrina with Fields donated fruit for everyone, and 2XU provided shirts for the MTHD coaches to wear as they led the workout.

6:15pm: The MTHD coaches prepared to begin the workout. Each coach had a movement and # of reps to perform with the group. Coach Sara and our photographer Vincent were busy capturing every moment with their high tech cameras.



BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: BURPEES 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

6:45pm- Roxy and Tracy brought out a 'Juddy Friendly' cake. My heart was pounding like never before. I was surrounded by so many amazing humans and I began to cry happy tears for the 2nd time.

7pm: I told a few funny stories from my past life of being a college student, a police officer and a crazy dude in my 20's. The end of the performance I made sure to thank everyone and give a few life lessons I learned for longevity, nutrition and happiness.

7:30pm: Coach Hans invited all of us to his craft beer pub called Red Cactus for drinks, food and chill vibes. The pub has a super cool beach themed area, so we out the outdoor speaker in the sandbox, relaxed and just enjoyed each others company.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everyone who helped me with the event, to those who sent me a birthday messages, and to everyone who is a part of my life.


Move Fast, Train hard, Eat Well and Be Happy!


A new beginning

It has almost been one year in Shanghai. I have changed so much as a man, as a human and as a fitness coach. Last year I took a leap of faith and moved overseas to pursue a dream. Now my role has evolved quite a bit at the new science-based concept gym known as Method Fitness. I will blog weekly and share my story here as I continue to help humans live a long and happy life. This is just the beginning my friends!

Welcome to Always Evolving!