As I am writing this, never would I have imagined that I would be celebrating my birthday in Shanghai, China.

I have so many beautiful people in my life and the day could not have been more amazing. Smiling faces, happy humans, big hearts and many dedicated athletes joined me in a day that I will never forget.

Event: Outdoor WOD+Picnic+Storytelling+Red Cactus After Party

Let's break it down:

9am: The day started off with a sip of coffee at my favorite Shanghai restaurant Tribe Organic. I know everyone there by name and they are all close friends of mine.

12:15pm: I hopped in Coach Amelia's Cardio Complex class at MTHD with a few of our awesome athletes.

2:15pm: Coached the last MTHD class of the day with more awesome humans:

3:30pm: As a surprise, Coach Stella, Mike, Hans and Amelia came in with a 'Juddy friendly' cake! Klaus and a few others were there to help me devour the amazing gluten free masterpiece. I began to cry happy tears as they sang the birthday song.

4pm: Sabrina from Fields donated some apples and bananas for the outdoor workout so Hans and I hauled ass over to my apartment to pick the boxes up and get a DiDi back to the gym.

4:30pm: Hans and I arrived at the gym and headed over to Mr. Bichon to grub hard with Mike and Stella. We killed 3 rice bowls that were really tasty.

5pm: Stella rented a Van for all of us to head to the West Bund for the outdoor workout. She got a great deal for only 20rmb. The Van looked like it was about to breakdown, had no AC and a random kid inside of it! It was AWESOME!

5:30pm: We arrived at the West Bund and were greeted by many people who were ready to celebrate us.

5:45pm: A big group of happy humans began to appear with gift in their hands. It was such a kind gesture and I was trying to make noted in my phone as to who gave me which gift to make sure I thank each and every one of them personally.

6pm: We began to set up shop in a grassy area! The MTHD coaches helped me set up the speaker, workout area and help organize all the wonderful donations for the workout. Uriel, CEO of Farmhouse Juice provided 50 bottles of juice, Vanilla & Ting, provided cold brew coffee, Sabrina with Fields donated fruit for everyone, and 2XU provided shirts for the MTHD coaches to wear as they led the workout.

6:15pm: The MTHD coaches prepared to begin the workout. Each coach had a movement and # of reps to perform with the group. Coach Sara and our photographer Vincent were busy capturing every moment with their high tech cameras.



BIRTHDAY SURPRISE: BURPEES 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

6:45pm- Roxy and Tracy brought out a 'Juddy Friendly' cake. My heart was pounding like never before. I was surrounded by so many amazing humans and I began to cry happy tears for the 2nd time.

7pm: I told a few funny stories from my past life of being a college student, a police officer and a crazy dude in my 20's. The end of the performance I made sure to thank everyone and give a few life lessons I learned for longevity, nutrition and happiness.

7:30pm: Coach Hans invited all of us to his craft beer pub called Red Cactus for drinks, food and chill vibes. The pub has a super cool beach themed area, so we out the outdoor speaker in the sandbox, relaxed and just enjoyed each others company.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everyone who helped me with the event, to those who sent me a birthday messages, and to everyone who is a part of my life.


Move Fast, Train hard, Eat Well and Be Happy!