Those words echoed through my bones yesterday. My fatigue level was higher than ever before. I wanted to stop. I wanted to quit. But in the end…it was worth it and I’ll explain more later.

You truly do not know who you are as a human until you are pushed farther than ever before. Often times we embrace comfort and we avoid pain. But in order to find your true potential, you must be willing to reach full blown metabolic death.

Saturday March 2nd, 2018 (Shanghai, China)

7:30am: I woke up a little later than usual. The night before I had attended a mthd Fitness class then headed over to Tribe Organic for their 2 Year Anniversary Party. Normally I hit the bed around 9pm but I ended up crashing around 1030pm. This off-schedule slumber threw me out of whack and that morning I was not sharp mentally nor physically.

9:30am: I was coaching the 10:15am mthd Fitness class and I always like to get to the gym early to prep. I like to have everything ready so the moment the athletes walk into the door, I can greet them immediately.

10:15am: The WOD started and it was pretty intense. It is one of our hardest workouts at mthd Fitness called Super HIIT. Most athletes are afraid of it but after they complete they feel damn good about themselves. It was a solid crew of 8 athletes and it was definitely a good start to the Saturday. I did not light them up too much this time, but typically I like to do 3 workouts in one. The warm up WOD, the WOD and the cool down WOD.


12pm: After class ended, I spent some time on my laptop to finalize our new programs for mthd coming out next week. 100’s of hours of programming and scribbling in my notepad went into these next level programs. During the workout builds on my computer, I got very creative. Everything we program must make sense scientifically, It it what we pride ourselves on. There is so much detail in these programs that I can’t even begin to outline here but I assure you, no one in the fitness world has seen anything like it.

2pm: I coached my 2nd class of the day which was Body Control. It is a pilates based program that is super chill. It is important for the coach to play super chill music as well to set the vibe right. If the music does not match the work out, everything is way off.


3:30pm: Coach Jennie’s class was up next. She is from India and is one strong female. Her voice is always so powerful and I am damn glad she joined our coach team about a year ago. She does not like to waste time, so when the workout started, we hit the ground running. The warm up was a mixture of cardio runs on the Ski Erg followed by bodyweight HIIT movements. There was only 3 of us attending so we could not slack one bit. Once the workout began, I felt a bit of fatigue in my body. This was not normal as I train about 5x per week and consider my conditioning level to be above average. During the first few stations of circuit training, I was moving at a moderate pace while lifting heavy weights. Jennie was watching us like a hawk, making sure the form was on point. After the first lap was complete, my fatigue level was super high. This is our Strength+Cardio hybrid class and I find that often I can lift heavy, reduce rest time and hit top speeds on the machines. I had to take every rest period, I was lifting heavy but my cardio speeds sucked. On the second to last station I was crumbling fast and lying on the ground. Then I heard those words: “JUDDY…GET…UP!” Jennie was right next to me when she said this and when the coach tells you that, you do it without question. I have mad respect for all of our coaches and those words echoed through my body, gave me another jolt of energy and I finished strong. I could not have completed the workout without the energy from my fellow athletes and coach Jennie.


5pm: I headed over to Tribe Organic to grub hard after the intense workout. I always love going to that place because they are one of the only restaurants in Shanghai that prides themselves on clean organic food. The service there is also excellent! I had the organic grain bowl with salmon and it tasted damn good. One of my go-to post workout meals.

6:30pm: After dinner my body was in bad shape in terms of muscle soreness, so I decided to get a massage. This masseuse was pretty strong and there were a few times I almost had to tell her to stop but I accepted the pain because I know my body needed it.

8pm: I arrived home and hopped in the shower and shortly thereafter I crashed hard into bed. I slept for 9 hours and my body needed it.

Today on Sunday, I will take some good rest, stay low key, eat light meals and prepare for tomorrow as I coach the 6am class.

I feel sore today but it was so worth it. My body needed an ass-kicking. And next time I think about stopping during a mthd Fitness WOD, I will say those words and drill them into my head.