Hey dudes, how’s it going out there? Things in Shanghai are super awesome. The gym is growing, the athletes here are evolving and we are continuing to make MTHD Fitness something truly unique by designing fitness programs that no one has ever seen before.

When we first opened our second gm location in October 2018, there was a lot of worry. Not because of how successful it would be, but how intense the workouts will be to the certain type of athletes at that location.

The 2nd MTHD gym is located in a building in People Square with many office workers. A few of them have an athletic background while most have never been exposed to intense functional training. Our main Chinese team was afraid that the workouts would be too hard and that it would scare off any potential members.

I knew in my gut that it would take time for these new members to adapt and evolve to the MTHD training. We use sport science to provide heavy hitting WODs at every turn. The same intense workouts we put our professional athletes through (Shanghai Sharks and the Shanghai Kings Pro Basketball teams) are the same workouts our members are exposed to.

Once the doors opened to our 2nd gym last year, we were nervous and excited at the same time. But I knew, in time, our workout programs would be embraced and the athletes would adapt.

(2018) October-December: Athletes began to trickle in the doors of our gym. We have 24 spots available but only 3-6 athletes would book a class. This was normal for two reasons: our marketing was not very strong at the time and it was the low season. We only had the lower intensity classes included because we worried that the newcomers would never come back if it was too hard.

(2019) January-February: Foot traffic increased but it was not where we wanted it to be. The biggest classes we had maybe reached 10 athletes or so. I knew that we needed to unload the heavy hitting workouts. The ones that kill your CNS. The ones that push your body farther than ever before. The ones that people are afraid of. If our athletes came in and the workouts were easy every time, they would never know what their bodies and mind are truly capable of. It was time to turn up the heat.

(2019) March: By far the most successful month we have had at gym #2. We began to roll out the harder programs and the athletes were hungry for them. Run Lift Burn, MetCon and a few others were live and it was such an incredible moment to see the athletes kick some ass. The response from our members was overwhelmingly awesome. Sure the workouts were hard as F, but they enjoyed the challenge and felt damn good afterwards. I was lucky enough to attend our strength class last week with Coach Matt, one of our newest coaches who is progressing very well. To my surprise, it happened to be the BIGGEST class in history for our 2nd gym and I almost cried.

It was a magical moment to say the least and these athletes completed one of the toughest programs we titled Strength-Power-Speed aka SPS. It was awesome, intense and totally rewarding as a coach.

By now after being opened for about 1.5 years, I can say that MTHD is far past the ‘honeymoon’ stage. No longer do we have to hold back anything. It’s time to unleash high level programs.

There are new workouts in development and I can’t wait to see what our athletes do when faced with more intensity. These athletes are getting stronger, faster, leaner and reaching new personal fitness goals every day.

I love what I do here and I am thankful to be a part of their lives.

Much Love. Much Respect.

-Coach Juddy