Today was a busy day but most days in Shanghai are. Being involved in a start up company for the second time in my life, I am noticing the same challenges. I firmly believe that my previous start up company job prepared me for these moments that are happening now. I am happy to give birth to a fitness empire known as mthd Fitness. We have a long road ahead of us but so far, its been pretty amazing.

5am: Woke up and made a cup of coffee. It is the one thing I need every day to kick off the morning especially since most mornings I am coaching a class. My new apartment is literally across the street from the gym so it’s pretty damn convenient. No excuse for being late to a workout right?

715am: I joined the mthd Fitness morning WOD (workout for the day). The workout is called Super HIIT and it’s a quite taxing and the 2nd toughest program we have every built. It is 30 seconds of HIIT followed by 45 seconds of strength with 8 Stations and 2 laps. I felt pretty recovered from a good nights sleep as I always try to get 8-9 hours every night. Coach Karolina from Lithuania was leading the way along with 9 other athletes. She has been with mthd for a long time and was the very first part time coach I ever hired. She knows her shit and is not afraid to take the workouts to new levels. This Super HIIT was the new 2.0 version which I have been developing for about a month. For a while, I knew our mthd WODs could be better, more efficient and harder. It was time to test this new version and give it all I got with my fellow athletes.

745am: The 2nd lap of the workout had begun and I was about 70% fatigued at this point. I did not go full throttle on lap 1 knowing that I wanted to conserver my energy to push through lap 2 hard. I cranked up my weights, speed and lifting power and gave it hell. The final station for me was a heavy lift and brutal on the legs. The first movement was a dumbbell side lunge and I was holding 14kg weights. Lap 1 I used my right legs, the stronger leg of the two and lap 2 I used the left which I need to build more strength on. The second movement was a front loaded dumbbell squat. I looked at the 20kg’s and then at the 26kg’s. That was a big jump but go hard or go home. After the WOD was over I fell to the ground and high-fived every athletes as they walked past me. Coach K’s energy was high and she pushed me hard. It was a damn good workout.

10am: I walked back to my apartment, took a shower and then headed to my favorite restaurant Tribe Organic where I would demolish their gluten free sweet potatoes pancakes and a sliced up chicken breast. I am a simple man and like to keep my meals simple and easy to digest. After scarfing down the food, I pulled up my laptop and begin working on mthd projects. I am on my laptop a lot due to the nature of being the chief coach of a start up gym. I lead coach development and program development so I am always trying to find new ways to make mthd Fitness more unique than anyone else. I always ask myself, what are gyms NOT doing. And whatever that may be, that’s my direction.

2pm: I arrived at the mthd Fitness (2nd gym) at Peoples Square. Every Thursday at 2pm I train the Kings Professional Basketball Team. They are a solid group of guys, way taller than me and elite level athletes that have won many championships. Two dudes from the USA, Cedric and Jordan and some super talented Chinese players make up this b-ball powerhouse. I did not light them up too bad this time as this is the off season but next WOD, I will most likely turn it that shit up. We did a lower body power workout with weights. Great group of guys and I enjoyed coaching them.

4pm: After the Kings Basket WOD was over, I went back to Tribe Organic because it was buy one get one free breakfast and I still had another order of sweet potato pancakes to scarf down. I like TO because the staff is super chill and the music is good. They have fast wifi too so it’s my spot to get a lot of work done.


7pm: After working on new programs, new movement and a bunch of other new shit to make mthd Fitness super cool, it was time to head home for the day. I typically crash around 9pm these days and I feel much better with I wake up between 5am-6am. Every single day my brain is intertwined in mthd Fitness because I want to make it amazing. I have awesome coaches next to me that give me the energy to keep going and a ton of athletes who I admire.

Today was busy as F and I will soon take a holiday in April to Bali. Any suggestions while I am there? I’d like to train hard, enjoy the beaches and hike a ton.

See you guys next time and thank you for reading.