The Top 5 People to Avoid for a Healthy Life.

The Sh*t Talker

-This person always has something negative to say. They constantly shed light on anything negative about a person or situation. They talk sh*t about everyone and everything. This person has issues in their head that need to be fixed. They are clearly not happy with themsel

The Complainer

-This person complains constantly about everything. No matter what, this person finds a way to weasel their way through life by focusing on the problem and not the solution. Complainers will continue to look at everything that’s wrong rather than nutting the f**k up and trying to make something better.

The Drama Vampire

-This blood sucking individual sucks the joy out of your happiness by stirring up shit at every corner. These people are always the ones who want to know all the juicy details of shit that is not their business. They enjoy seeing others suffer and and constantly looking to find something to fight about. They feed off drama and often create it out of nothing.

The Bullsh*tter

-This person always promises shit but never delivers. They lack self discipline and can’t follow through on things such as commitment, organization and self-dependence. They talk a lot of game but can never deliver the final product. This person also uses terms as: ‘should of,’ ‘would of’ and ‘could of.’ They often dwell on the past without making moves for the future. 

The Cocky Dickhead

-This person is always showboating to everyone about how much money they have, how better they are than everyone or how good they are at everything in their life. This person always talks about themself and no one else. They are bloody awful at being a good listener and will often 1 UP you at every turn. If you say you completed 60 squats in 1 min, this person will say that they completed 61 squats  right in your face instead of supporting your efforts.

Remember to remove anyone that does not add value to your life. They will consumer your soul and make you hate life. Kick them out ASAP!

The further you are from shitty people, the better your life becomes.

Stay Happy Dudes!