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Sunday Funday: 2 Workouts + 1 Berserk Coffee Lady

Yesterday was Sunday. A day most people are recovering from a hangover or just want to chill out. For me, Sunday’s are a day to have fun, release some energy and prepare for the week ahead. I typically start every morning with a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon. After that I make a cup of coffee at home, but I was meeting a friend for coffee. Little did I know my morning coffee would be disrupted by a berserk coffee lady…

7am: I woke up a little later than usually due to it being the weekend. I typically wake up around 530am. I chugged my glass of water, got my things ready for the day and went for a short to walk to meet a friend of mine for coffee.

8:30am: I arrived early at the coffee shop. Whenever I am meeting up with friends for coffee, food or a hangout, I make sure I am always early. It reduces stress and anxiety while respecting the time of those you are meeting up with. This coffee shop is one of my favorites in Shanghai called Pain Chaud. It’s a French baguette style coffee shop and the owner, Arthur is a good friend and a MTHD athlete. Arthur works his ass of running three locations. It’s a small place, which I like and the staff is very friendly.

9am: My friend arrived and we sat down and began talking fitness, health and other things. I will say I do have a very intense and projecting voice. It can be a powerful weapon in the gym but sometimes too much for public places. I always to try to respect others in public place and not raise my voice too loud, but when you are passionate about something like fitness, it’s tough not to get over excited.

9:30am: A woman who was about 60 years old sat down at a table close to my friend and I. For whatever reason she was eyeballing me from the very beginning. Maybe she was curious about my beard and wanted to grow one of her own? Maybe she wanted to talk fitness too? Or maybe she was agitated because I wasn’t speaking at an optimal volume level for her?

9:45am: All of sudden, the women turned to face me and yelled: “ YOU’RE SHOUTING!!! YOU’RE SHOUTING!” My friend and I were stunned and I had to try so hard not to laugh. A woman shouting at me to stop shouting? Oh the irony. And then I thought to myself, “Wow, she has a louder voice than me! She could be a fitness coach if she wanted to, but her positivity sucks balls.” There was something wrong in her head and I felt sorry for her. Maybe she had a bad morning or work is stressful. To get agitated so easily most likely means she’s fragile in her mind. Whoever she is, she’s in China and has a long way to go to toughen up in this environment. I was actually able to get a picture of her…


12pm: I headed over to Lizzy’s All Natural to grab a Green Tea. One of my go-to mid day drinks to limit my caffeine consumption. I sat down and began to work on my laptop. On the drawing board for me was a brand new workout for MTHD. It is called MetCon and it will be no doubt the toughest program I have built to date. It has 45 seconds intervals with short rest times and a good amount of HIIT+Strength movements. I became afraid of it when I built it. Later that day it would be tested by a new group I formed in Shanghai called the Coach Underground comprising of coaches from all different types of gyms. I wanted to build a strong community of coaches because I believe there is no reason to have friction between gyms. We all work hard and I created the group to provide free WODs for us every Sunday afternoon.

2pm: I headed over to our 2nd gym in People Square. I was attending our bodyweight WOD called Athlete Ready. It is an active recovery workout that is not too taxing on the body but perfect for a day to work on bodyweight strength and proper form. Coach Matt was leading the way who is a new coach to MTHD. He’s a young Chinese dude, who speaks English well and also, like all MTHD coaches, knows his shit. He signed on full time last week and he has been kicking ass. I was the only foreigner in the class but the Chinese athletes made me feel like family. I only know a few Chinese phrases but the WOD was fun and it was a good way to warm me up for the MetCon test WOD coming up at 430pm. I moved slow, kept my heart rate down to make sure I had the energy and power for the next workout.

Athlete Ready Squad!

Athlete Ready Squad!


4:30pm: The first Coach Underground WOD was about to lift off. There were only six of us, but it was a good way to start building a friendship with the coaches from the other gyms. Everyone introduced themselves to each other and it was very cool to see everyone bonding. I like to inject humor during all of my workout introductions. My goal was to make everyone laugh at each station. That is how you break the ice, ease the tension and prep the mind. MetCon looked brutal, but we were ready to fight together!

5pm: About midway through MetCon, I was getting smoked out but seeing the other coaches fighting hard, made me push harder. I forgot to mention that I was currently on a 20 hour fast, at the time. Nothing but coffee and tea in my stomach. Me athletic performance was better than usual and I am learning that fasted workouts for me are by far the best. It was super cool pushing each other, fist bumping during stations changes and knowing that we all have the same goal… work our asses off and be good coaches. P.S. Coach Hans had to bail to take care of his furry friend so he missed the Post WOD Photo. He owes me some burpees.

Coaches left to right: Mike, Jay, Jennie, Ingrid, some weird dude on the right.

Coaches left to right: Mike, Jay, Jennie, Ingrid, some weird dude on the right.

6:30pm: The coach squad headed over to Tribe Organic. Their new Spring menu was out and we grubbed hard on two of their new dishes. Lentil Salad with Brussel sprouts and a Cauliflower+Almond flour hybrid pizza with smoked salmon on top. Both dishes were epic and brought new flavors to their menu. Well done Tribe Team. I am going to test out the other menu items today! Prepare the chefs!

830pm: Crashed hard into my bed after a nice hot shower. My sleep is improving quite a bit since going to bed earlier and having my last meal 2 hours before bedtime.

Sunday Funday was super fun!

Thanks for reading dudes!