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'True stories filled with intoxicated creatures of a distant past.'

Hello my friends. My name is, Juddy. I would like to take you on a magical journey. You will be following me to the land of forgotten souls otherwise known as ‘college.’ During these years of higher education, I decided to test the limits of the human body by subjecting it to enormous amounts of alcoholic beverages. I was not alone during this time. I had an army of barbaric savages who fought with me on the battlefield multiple times. These intoxicated Neanderthals destroyed everything in their path while being perfectly content with their violent alcoholism. Once you begin to follow our quest of alcoholic insanity, there is no turning back. You will be exposed to a plethora of dangerous situations involving: binge drinking, vomiting, illegal drugs, accidental bodily injuries and the police. So please. Sit back, relax and prepare yourself for the true stories of a time where many bad decisions were made, lives were constantly at risk, and shots of liquor were being passed out like rubbers at the Olympics… Welcome to, Comfortably Drunk.


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'The hilarious and psychotic tales about the women of my past.'

Nice guys don’t finish last. They are chopped up into pieces by a machete otherwise known as true love. Most of them never survive the treacherous road of broken hearts. They may end up becoming a submissive coward willing to go beyond the call of duty to win the affection of the one they love. Sometimes all they really want is to get a small taste of the female flesh. It’s not that one gender that is worse than the other. There will always be evil creatures hiding in the shadows on both sides. I would like you to take a journey with me. We will be traveling into the far depths of an emotional abyss that was once my love life. It’s a place filled with binge drinking, psychotic girlfriends, and extremely awkward sexual escapades (and I would be lying to you if I said that most of the problems in the bedroom were not my fault.) As you submerge yourself into this dark world of lust, betrayals, and whiskey, keep in mind that these are true stories. They will make you laugh. They will make you cry. And they will unravel the story of how the nice guy I used to be was destroyed by every woman I have ever dated. Cheers!

Paperback & eBook available.