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My Fitness journey began many years ago...

I've been playing sports since I was six years old. Starting off with baseball and pursuing many other sports including: basketball, football, soccer and hockey, I have always enjoyed being active.

I began weightlifting in high-school through the school football program and have continued to train since then.

In 2008, I make a big change in my diet by switching to the Paleo way. I have also experimented with vegan and vegetarian food plans. I enjoy experimenting with food to see which are the best for my genetics. I also help my friends with nutritional advice.

I enjoy staying fit and also seeing people reach their full potential with their human bodies.

While working my full-time job I have been able to complete educational fitness classes to provide a foundation to coach.

Now I am active in the CrossFit world and in my spare time, I train a few athletes, most of whom are my good friends.

I stay active on social media to help promote a healthy lifestyle while encouraging people to move fast, eat well and live long.

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Education and Certifications:

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
-CrossFit Spot the Flaw Course
-CrossFit Scaling Course
-USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
-Integrative Wellness Academy Life-Coach