My Pre-Workout Cocktail 2.0

Back in my college days I would slug down two scoops of the infamous JACKED preworkout powder. My eye balls would pop out of my head and I felt like I was on Meth. My intensity in the gym was insane but the crash afterwards always sucked.

Later on, I found out that not only did JACKED have artificial ingredients, but it also had BANNED substances in it. So I guess I really was ingesting meth about 4-5 times per week.

Years ago I knew I needed to find a clean preworkout. Something that was plant based without any artificial crap. There are some out there but many of them have things added for sweetness that disrupt my stomach.

I stumbled upon a company called NATURAL FORCE. They specialize in organic plant based supplements. Among the products they carried I found something called RAW TEA.

They have two flavors. Original and Peach. The peach does taste better but they have another product that added to my new preworkout concoction. Vanilla MCT Oil. This stuff is awesome! If you mix the two you get a cream soda tasting drink. I also use the MCT oil for coffee creamer.

RAW TEA did not give me any jitters. It gave me a quick clean energy boost and helped my focus while training. The MCT oil also gave me energy. So if I paired the two I felt pretty good before hitting the weights.

My intensity in the gym was awesome. I was lifting heavier and my energy would last through the entire workout. There was no crash afterwards and I have continued to see good results on the weights.

Both products are SUGAR FREE and only use plant base ingredients,

Find them on Amazon or



Clean Sugar Free Soda!

I remember the days in college I would head to Sonic and grab a Route 44 sized Dr. Pepper with Vanilla added. Most of the time it was the drink I used to mix the vodka with. Now I realize that the amount of chemicals and sugar in that thing would be out of this world. And I decided to look it up...

Route 44 Vanilla Dr. Pepper:  118 grams of SUGAR!!!

Dear Lord! I knew it was high but didn't know how high. After completely changing my diet back in 2008, I never experienced soda cravings. It only happened when I gave up drinking alcohol in 2014.

I knew that will be popularity of clean eating, health products and fitness, there had to be something out there. Some sort of 'clean soda' I could have during my fasting period. I also found that I needed something for social events. It's nice to have something other than bottled water in your hands at a bar-b-q or a social gathering.

I've found a company that makes a clean soda and they have multiple flavors! I've been using them for about six months now.

The company is called 'Zevia: Zero Calorie Soda'

You can find Zevia at HEB, Kroger, Sprouts and Whole Foods! I've tried a majority of the flavors. My favorites are: Dr. Zevia, Cream Soda and Black Cherry.

Even though they are carbonated, I don't get any bloated feeling from it. It is zero everything from calories, to sodium, to carbs, and sugar.

Pick up a sixer and I promise you will enjoy it and have ZERO guilt!

Happy Drinking Dudes!

Choosing the Right Cheese

I get asked a lot about cheese. It is an addiction for many and often times...a drug. I was never a huge fan of cheese but I must say I do enjoy the taste.

Most of the cheese you get is processed and filled with bad shit. You are not going to find good cheese at a fast food joint.

Once jumping into the Paleo world many years ago, cheese or I should said dairy was off limits. After speaking with many people, I have found that dairy is good for some people while not good for others.

Here is a quick guide for my recommendations on cheese.

For Dairy People: Always try to find GRASS-FED cheese. The nutritional profile is much better and it is typically not filled with any extra stuff.

For Non-Dairy People (Me): I tend to use Nutritional Yeast on the reg. It has B12 and other nutrients in it. It has a flaky texture but I add it to scrambled eggs, salads and grilled veggies. It has the cheesy flavor you are looking for. I also use Vegan cheeses, which a lot of people give me shit for, but give it a try. I recommend cashew or almond based cheeses.

Happy Eating Dudes!



Milk Alternatives

I have always been a huge fan of milk. I would often add it to my protein shakes to give it a thicker texture. Giving up dairy though changed the game for me.

I have spoken to some people who do fine with dairy but for as for me? Dairy not only gives me acne but it also bloats the hell out of my stomach.

Most of the store bought almond milf or coconut milk is filled with crap that you do not need. A lot of them tried hard to reduce the ingredients in the milk but there are none of them I trust. One sure way to tell if the almond milk is bogus is by looking at the protein content. If it does not have 5-6 grams of protein per serving, it's BS.

There is a company based in Houston that distributes and makes REAL almond milk. The company is call MALK. I use the unsweetened almond milk religiously in my protein shakes and in my coffee.

MALK first appeared in Whole Foods and have now found their way into a few HEB stores.They have almond, cashew and pecan milks. All milks are organic and there are unsweetened and sweetened versions.

I highly recommend MALK. It is by far the cleanest almond milk I have ever found.I also always enjoy supporting local Texas companies!

Happy Eating dudes!


Paleo Bread!

I've been following the Paleo diet for about a decade.  Every once in awhile I have a hankering for some toast or bread. I ten to opt for gluten free bread but I've since come to find out that most gluten free breads having loaded junk in them.

After searching far and wide for bread that would not only be gluten free, but also grain free and Paleo friendly, I finally found it and it is AWESOME!

The company is called Mikey's Muffin's. You can find them in the Gluten Free frozen section at HEB and other stores. I tried some last night and made fried egg muffins sandwiches. Only 4g of carbs, paleo friendly ingredients and they taste great!

If your a health freak like me, I know you will enjoy them!

Happy Eating!