I have always been a huge fan of milk. I would often add it to my protein shakes to give it a thicker texture. Giving up dairy though changed the game for me.

I have spoken to some people who do fine with dairy but for as for me? Dairy not only gives me acne but it also bloats the hell out of my stomach.

Most of the store bought almond milf or coconut milk is filled with crap that you do not need. A lot of them tried hard to reduce the ingredients in the milk but there are none of them I trust. One sure way to tell if the almond milk is bogus is by looking at the protein content. If it does not have 5-6 grams of protein per serving, it's BS.

There is a company based in Houston that distributes and makes REAL almond milk. The company is call MALK. I use the unsweetened almond milk religiously in my protein shakes and in my coffee.

MALK first appeared in Whole Foods and have now found their way into a few HEB stores.They have almond, cashew and pecan milks. All milks are organic and there are unsweetened and sweetened versions.

I highly recommend MALK. It is by far the cleanest almond milk I have ever found.I also always enjoy supporting local Texas companies!

Happy Eating dudes!