Back in my college days I would slug down two scoops of the infamous JACKED preworkout powder. My eye balls would pop out of my head and I felt like I was on Meth. My intensity in the gym was insane but the crash afterwards always sucked.

Later on, I found out that not only did JACKED have artificial ingredients, but it also had BANNED substances in it. So I guess I really was ingesting meth about 4-5 times per week.

Years ago I knew I needed to find a clean preworkout. Something that was plant based without any artificial crap. There are some out there but many of them have things added for sweetness that disrupt my stomach.

I stumbled upon a company called NATURAL FORCE. They specialize in organic plant based supplements. Among the products they carried I found something called RAW TEA.

They have two flavors. Original and Peach. The peach does taste better but they have another product that added to my new preworkout concoction. Vanilla MCT Oil. This stuff is awesome! If you mix the two you get a cream soda tasting drink. I also use the MCT oil for coffee creamer.

RAW TEA did not give me any jitters. It gave me a quick clean energy boost and helped my focus while training. The MCT oil also gave me energy. So if I paired the two I felt pretty good before hitting the weights.

My intensity in the gym was awesome. I was lifting heavier and my energy would last through the entire workout. There was no crash afterwards and I have continued to see good results on the weights.

Both products are SUGAR FREE and only use plant base ingredients,

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